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Singing Nettle Farm

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The Matanuska Community Farmers Market

Wednesdays 4-7pm
mid-June through end of September

United Protestant Church parking lot, downtown Palmer
(713 S Denali St)

Singing Nettle Farm is proud to be a founding member of Matanuska Community Farmers Market. Our veggies, herbs and flowers will be there along with other vendors selling salmon, mushrooms, bread, coffee, honey and more.

About Singing Nettle

Singing Nettle is a small-scale, sustainable vegetable farm and creative project. We grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and medicinal herbs to sustain, nourish and heal our communities and create art, writings and creative buildings that draw inspiration and materials from the world surrounding us. We strive to be in good relationship with the human and more than human world. 

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farming practices


At Singing Nettle, we nourish the soil and steward the land so that it may provide us with an abundance of delicious vegetables for our community. We use regenerative growing techniques including no-till, composting, bio-char, cover-cropping and crop rotation to maintain healthy soil fertility and biology. All of our growing practices exceed organic certification standards – there are never any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides used.

Our values

We farm to be in good relation with the land and our communities. We see local, small scale farming as a tangible way to contribute to social change, steward the land re-localize our economies.

What we grow

We grow a wide variety of crops suited to the climate of south-central Alaska. This includes greens like kale, lettuces, collards, hon tsai tai, mustards, pac choi, cabbages and more. We grow a rainbow of carrots, summer and winter squashes, a handful of potato varieties including our favorite bright-purple Magic Mollys. Other root crops include onions, turnips, rutabagas, celeriac, and specialty roots such as scorzonera and burdock. We grow herbs including garlic, lovage, sorrel, dill, mint, chives and so, so, so much more.

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Questions about our produce or Singing Nettle Farm? Please get in touch: we’d love to hear from you!

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